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Andrew Masullo

Recent Paintings

October 22 – December 5, 2015

6025 2014-15 oil on canvas
Andrew Masullo
5978 2014-15 oil on canvas
2306 1989-2013 oil on canvas
6044 2014-15 oil on canvas
5766 2013 oil on canvas
5960 2014 oil on canvas
Andrew Masullo
5809 2013 oil on canvas
5399 2011-13 oil on canvas
5772 2013 oil on canvas
6091 2014 oil on canvas
5762 2013 oil on canvas
4529 2006-14 oil on canvas
4954 2007-13 oil on canvas
Andrew Masullo
6052, 2014-15, oil on canvas, 20 x 24 inches
5775 2013-15 oil on canvas
5811 2013 oil on canvas
2045 1989-2014 oil on canvas
Andrew Masullo
6042 2014-15 oil on canvas
5544 2012 oil on canvas
5953 2014 oil on canvas

Press Release

Tibor de Nagy will present new paintings by the artist in his first solo exhibition with the gallery. Andrew Masullo’s nonobjective paintings live joyfully removed from the everyday, humdrum world. A self-proclaimed "stuff maker" for nearly four decades, Masullo continues to use small canvases and unmixed oil paint straight from the tube. He has always seen his role as that of referee during the several weeks to several decades it takes to make a painting and leaves the completion of each one largely to its own devices. Once finished they are titled by the same numbering system he has used since 1978. Masullo believes that a painting must sink or swim on its own, without benefit of any doctrines, treatises, or spiels. He insists that "a painting that needs to be explained is not worth talking about."

Born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, in 1957, Andrew Masullo attended Rutgers University and graduated with a B.A. in Studio Art. He has had solo exhibitions at André Emmerich Gallery (1994, 1996), Joan Washburn Gallery (2000, 2002, 2004), Feature Inc. (2010), and Mary Boone Gallery (2013) all in New York; Thomas Ammann Fine Art, Zurich (1999); Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco (2000, 2006, 2008, 2012); Daniel Weinberg Gallery, Los Angeles (2007, 2009, 2011); Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston (2007, 2011, 2015) and Texas Gallery, Houston (2009, 2014). In 2011 Masullo received a Guggenheim Fellowship. The following year 32 of his paintings were shown in the Whitney Museum’s Biennial.

An exhibition catalogue is available.