Tom Burckhardt, Kathy Butterly, Elliott Green, Dave Hardy, Joshua Marsh, Jen Mazza, John Newman, Ian Pedigo, Alan Wiener, Trevor Winkfield, Randy Wray, Tamara Zahaykevich

June 16 – July 29, 2016

Dave Hardy, Untitled, Blue Coconut
Tom Burckhardt, Sour Doubt
John Newman, Self-Reflection in Bright Yellow
Joshua Marsh, Glass
Joshua Marsh, Too
John Newman, Many entries
Elliott Green, Light Buried Underground
Jen Mazza, Untitled (Archipenko)
Jen Mazza, Untitled (Vallotton)
Tamara Zahaykevich, Untitled
Trevor Winkfield, Frolic 2
Trevor Winkfield, Ladders
Trevor Winkfield, Easter
Tom Burckhardt, Masked Manhat
Trevor Winkfield, Absent Mud
Ian Pedigo, The Limitless Subjective at the Periphery
Elliott Green, Jarring Start
Randy Wray, Goddess
Kathy Butterly, Pour
Dave Hardy, Untitled, Medium Wall
Ian Pedigo, Where Relative Beginnings are End, Ends
Trevor Winkfield, Podium Blooms
Alan Wiener Untitled, 2016
Kathy Butterly, Co-
Kathy Butterly, Blushing
Tamara Zahaykevich, Untitled
Dave Hardy, Untitled, Orange Highlighter
Alan Wiener Untitled, 2009
Randy Wray, Sprout
Alan Wiener Untitled, 2014

Press Release

The Tibor de Nagy Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition of twelve contemporary painters and sculptors. The paintings, mostly of a modest easel size, will vary in mediums from the traditional oil and acrylic to the exotic such as nail polish or gold leaf. Scaling from the intimate tabletop or wall-mounted reliefs to large floor sized assemblages, the sculptures will also present a wide array of materials from clay, wood and stone to aqua-resin, polyurethane foam and shoelaces.

The exhibited works toy with the notion of ‘still life’ not so much in a literal sense or as a rethinking of the representation of objects, but more as an abstract and magical reflection of qualities that make up objects. The artists as ‘object makers’ imbue these things with a life of their own liberating them from the confines of the specifically definable. In the end, they no longer share a relationship to still life in the historical sense as a presentation of wealth or position, but strive to cast light on new verisimilitudes.

With an ego all their own, these works bare an inherent power by way of their materials and dimensionality. The intimate can become large-scale and the dense can become airy as these handmade objects give way to a visual sensibility that is uniquely their own. All these objects share a collaged painterly language which calls into question the definition of objectivity.